Bronty Golf Co. Ltd, Pudsey

Bronty Golf Co. Ltd IronsWe recently helped Leeds Museums to acquire a group of items made by Bronty Golf Co. Ltd, Pudsey (a major name in golfing circles).  The items include three original factory moulds (acquired by the vendor when manufacturing ended in Leeds about 15 years ago).

These moulds are highly sought after by American golf collectors, but the vendor wanted the best examples to come to the Leeds museum collections. They are for the best-selling models: the Bronty “Chipmaster” and Bronty “Rustler” (plus a putter). Other items include 9 golf clubs, 1 display stand, 6 putting hoops, 7 golf balls and 1 brass putter head.

The company traded for over 30 years and produced thousands of golf clubs but went into decline due to cheap far east imports and it failed to develop with the big name golf companies. It is however famous for its Rustler putter range, chipmaster and pitchmaster chippers.

A selection of these items will be displayed at Abbey House Museum from 21st January 2011 as part of the “Performance” exhibition.