Industrial Landscape by Jacob Kramer

Jacob Kramer’s Industrial Landscape (1914)  is one of the latest works the Friends have been able to contribute to. Kramer is an important part of Leeds’ artistic past, being a highly respected artist of his day and since, with his work being shown in galleries across the UK. 

After moving from Russia at a young age, he grew up and studied at Leeds School of Art, now Leeds College of Art. A large number of his works are already housed in Leeds Art Gallery but this landscape is a rarity for Kramer, an artist known for his portraiture, making this work all the more significant and being a unique part of the Gallery’s collection.

Kramer’s subject of a bleak northern town is suggestive of the period, as Britain was on the edge of the First World War. The piece shows a country devastated by war, both in the physical landscape and in human life. 

See Kramer’s work, as well as other local artists at Leeds Art Gallery.