Save the West Yorkshire Hoard

Cabachon Ring found in Leeds.  Part of a hoard found in West Yorkshire © Trustees of the British MuseumWe need your help to save the West Yorkshire Hoard.

The Friends of Leeds City Museums and the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society are joining forces today to help save this unique and amazing treasure for the city of Leeds.

The story so far

Discovered by a metal detectorist, the West Yorkshire Hoard is made up of seven objects, six of these being items of exquisite gold jewellery dating from 7th to 11th centuries.  Find out more about the Hoard.

Why do we need to raise the money so quickly?

Leeds Museums and Galleries have been offered first refusal to purchase the Hoard as the local museum service.  If we fail to help them raise the sum of £171,310 that the Hoard has been valued at, they will be sold at auction and lost to our region and most likely, from the public sphere altogether.

Can you help us in our campaign to raise the additional funds needed to purchase the hoard by donating too?

Donate to the Save the West Yorkshire Hoard Appeal


2 Replies to “Save the West Yorkshire Hoard”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a disabled old age pensioner I am unable to donate but I wish you all the success to save the hoard.
    I was evacuated to Leeds during the last war with my late mother and stayed in Scot Hall Road and vsited Kirkstall Abbey which still stays in my memory after nearly 70 years.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to help support the West Yorkshire Hoard. It’s a great idea. Hope the campaign goes well. If I can help, let me know.

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