The National Heritage Memorial Fund Steps in to Support

Whorl © Trustees of the British Museum

National Heritage Memorial Fund LogoA £95,000 grant from The National Heritage Memorial Fund has been awarded toward the acquisition of The West Yorkshire Hoard.

The NHMF was set up to save the most outstanding parts of our heritage at risk of loss to the nation, as a memorial to those who have given their lives for the UK.

The West Yorkshire Hoard is of national importance and is at risk of being sold at auction if the money is not raised, so the NHMF deemed it worthy of such a generous grant.

There has been such a positive response to the appeal and supporters have been so generous in their giving and general support, however, there is still a shortfall and all of the stops are being pulled out to reach £170,000 the Hoard has been valued at by experts at the British Museum.  The total left to raise for the appeal is just short of £15,000 – we are so close!

Donations are still being accepted to the appeal as with this news, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have agreed to extend the loan of the Hoard until 15th December 2011 while the remaining money is raised. The Hoard will stay on display in Leeds City Museum until then.

Donate to the Save the West Yorkshire Hoard Appeal

Results of grant applications imminent as deadline looms

Niello Finger Ring © Trustees of the British Museum

We will find out the results of fundraising applications tomorrow.   These decisions will determine whether the purchase of the West Yorkshire Hoard is within reach of acquistion for Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Continued thanks to all of those who have and continue to donate to the appeal.  Should these grant applications be sucessful, there will still be a small shortfall and we are still actively fundraising – so please continue to donate.

Watch this space for news of decisions and running totals!